This is Tom Hanks new movie, Hanks is Tony Hanks the greatest skatist in the world but no one knows how the movie ends! (this game has multiple endings)

move with arrows (up arrow jumps)

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Yes, the Nazi-defeating kickflip master.

This entry has been removed for violating the rules against:

Low effort entries,
Minimal Theme adherence,
Did not fill out required fields.

If you fix all the above issues before the deadline feel free to resubmit your updated game.


I had not filled the fields beacause they were blank to me but it seens to have been fixed now

About the theme adherence Tom is not just the main character but all the endings  and some others things are references to Hanks movies

About the low effort, I dont remember reading about it on the rules and I tried to make a simple and funny game but it is not a hard game to do, I'll try to add more features to the game and hope it can pass the rules


First i was confused why my character fell over and didnt get up, but then it allowed me to evade the nazi weapons and save private ryan, really entertaining game :)


Great strategy! try the others endings too!